Genius Code

by Win Wenger & Paul Scheele


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Page Two: Image Streaming - The Definitive Introduction

Your first hands-on experience in the Genius Code is with image streaming. Win takes you through a quick exercise of image streaming just to get your feet wet. Then he takes you through his favorite image streaming starter – the Over The Wall procedure.

Outside a live seminar, I’ve never been led through the image streaming process by Win. I’ve always relied on books – reading the procedure and then putting the book down to try it.

I liked having the audio cues because it is easier to engage in these experiences when you don’t have to simultaneously track where you are in the procedure and what the next step is. Is this course, you pretty much leave it up to Win to tell you when to start, when to do feature questioning, when to ask for another answer to the same question, etc.

Granted, after a few runs with the CD, the process will be ingrained enough experientially that even the greenest beginner will be better off running the process on their own. But this CD isn’t just for beginners. Even with all my experience, I found his guidance useful the first time around.

Later in the course, he leads you through his High Think-Tank procedure. Here, you step up to an intermediate-level experience as you image stream about a question that you don’t consciously know about. Win often challenges his readers to use this fascinating application of image streaming for 30 straight days…a profound experience for anyone who has met this challenge.

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