Genius Code

by Win Wenger & Paul Scheele


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Page Three: PhotoReading – The Short course

Next in the course are Paul’s segments on photoreading, which are a nice introduction to the process. Although he doesn’t cover the entire photoreading system, this approach might be sufficient for most people, at least initially. How?

If you think of all the reasons why people read, you can pretty much cover it all in three categories:

  1. Reading for pleasure
  2. Reading for self-improvement
  3. Reading because it is required (school, work, etc)

Those whose reading falls primarily into the first category usually don’t need any speed reading tips. I personally read very slowly when I read for enjoyment because I experience the story-line through the characters in real time. I don’t want that experience rushed.

If, however, if you read primarily for self-improvement, Paul’s Direct Learning application of PhotoReading, as expressed in the Genius Code, will likely be all you’ll need.

Direct Learning is a process that relies more on the other-than-conscious aspects of photoreading than Paul’s complete system does. In fact, with this process, you don’t even get to the last two steps of ‘Survey Reading and Dipping’ and ‘Rapid Reading’

By following Paul’s lead, you’ll photoread several books covering a single topic and then you’ll be led through an NLP-esque timeline experience where you step into your future having already mastered the material you just photoread. This is where the Genius Code steps out of second generation territory and dips its foot into the third generation of accelerated learning.

Now, having extensive training in third generation technology, I know there’s A LOT that can be added to Paul’s Direct Learning protocol to further enhance it and make the more accessible. However, this course serves as a great introduction for those who’d like to get a taste of things to come.

For those readers who fit primarily into the third category (reading for work or school), you might be best served by going beyond Direct Learning and taking Paul’s PhotoReading Whole Mind System home study course. Nevertheless, I still recommend that the Genius Code be your first photoreading experience.

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