Genius Code

by Win Wenger & Paul Scheele


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Page Four: The Door to 3G

I love technology. I have tons of gadgets, gizmos, and yes, even an iPod. And I always love to read about what’s next. For years, what was supposed to be “just around the corner’ in wireless technology was this thing called 3G, or third generation GSM cell phone technology.

However, to date, it still isn’t quite ready for primetime. So in the meantime, everyone is gearing up for something they are calling 2.5G, which isn’t quite as fast, or feature-rich. But it does the job…for now.


Twenty-five years ago, Win started experimenting in using image streaming with various modeling protocol. His two most popular products of those experiments are ‘Borrowed Genius’ and ‘Advanced ToolBuilder’.

These two procedures round out the Genius Code program. Win takes you, step by step, through each of these remarkable experiences. First, you use your imagination and image streaming to waft into a genius. Second, you do the same inside an advanced civilization.

Meanwhile, you continue along the progressive state elicitations that began on tape two and gradually intensify with each exercise, enabling you to go deeper and deeper into a relaxed, receptive state each time you run through the experience. If you haven’t had much other training in state elicitation, this the process used throughout the Genius Code can really help you experience these learning states quickly and easily.

Once again, I enjoyed being led by Win’s voice. And even though I’ve done these procedures many times on my own, I found it useful to be led. And like before, once you have the process ingrained experientially, you will begin to use them on your own...eventually modifying them specifically to meet your needs.

Win closes by graciously inspiring his listeners to take this whole course as just the beginning of your journey. If you use what you’ve learned, you will be creating your own procedures soon enough (building your own tools, so to speak) and delving into uncharted regions of the second and third generations of accelerated learning.

Perhaps you’ll see fit to share them with the world.

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