Genius Code

by Win Wenger & Paul Scheele


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Page Five: Wrapping It Up

In addition to the plentiful instruction, each segment in the Genius Code ends with something called Fast Finish, where additional information is spoken at a couple hundred words a minute through digitally speeding up the recording (but not altering the pitch) and removing some of the silences between words.

In short, I absolutely LOVED the fast finish segments. It was such a neat way to gain a load of information in a different way. I wish I could get more books on tape this way.

The whole course was arranged almost perfectly, leading the listener from the quick and easy image streaming experiments to the profound and universe-altering experiences of Borrowed Genius and Advanced ToolBuilder. And along the way, you get photoreading, lucid dreaming, and more.

The Genius Code is without a doubt a home run in this field. It represents the best of what Win Wenger and Paul Scheele have to offer. I’m giving this program my highest recommendation. It is the quintessential course for learning and mastering the second generation of accelerated learning. If you feel you are ready to delve into this area, this is where you should start…period, end of discussion. And even if you are well-versed in any of these methods, the Genius Code is still worth its modest purchase price to further reinforce these skills and to introduce new methods…moreover, it is great to have Win on CD leading you through his procedures for the first time.

I do suggest that people supplement this course with Win’s book, The Einstein Factor and Paul’s book, The PhotoReading Whole Mind System. The additional information will help you understand the more of technology inside the Genius Code. The Einstein Factor contains a few more of Win’s other methods plus some great stories of the origins of the technology. The PhotoReading book covers the other steps of the photoreading system that aren’t covered here in this course. In fact, the book and the Genius Code might be all you need to master both Direct Learning and the full PhotoReading Whole Mind system.

There are almost no requirements for starting this program, other than time and curiosity. If you cannot devote at least four, one-hour blocks of time per week for four weeks, then I would wait until you can before purchasing this program. Like many learning endeavors, this skills will develop more quickly if you can invest the time consitently.

Secondly, although this should go without saying for anyone reading my website, this program does require a bit of curiosity and a passion for learning and solving problems. This program isn’t just for your listening pleasure, but a series of experiences that you must apply in order to achieve the promised results.

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