The PhotoReading Whole Mind System

(home study course & book)

by Paul Scheele


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Page Four: The Differences

In terms of content, there are several differences between the four methods of learning the Photoreading Whole Mind System.

The least complete resource also happens to be the one that I recommend to many visitors to my website -- Paul’s collaboration with Win Wenger entitled Genius Code. In it, you will be led primarily through Direct Learning, in which you photoread several books at a time and only spend time activating the material once through a timeline exercise. All other activation is set to occur spontaneously.

The reason that I recommend this for so many people is that most of my website visitors’ reading lists are primarily self-development or skill-based reading, which are ideal applications for Direct Learning. The other steps and applications of photoreading will still be available at a later time if they wish to step up to the next level and take the full course, but with Genius Code, you get much more than photoreading.

The second method, which is most represented in this review, is the home study course. Here, you get much more hands-on time with Paul as your guide, plus a few additional materials that aren’t available in the book, including the aforementioned articles, the star of wonder exercise, a paraliminal tape, a more.

Next, there’s the seminar. The biggest advantage of the seminar is time. It may be the fastest way to learn for most people because it is the most intensive and comprehensive learning experience that Learning Strategies offers.

What you get is a focused room with people of similar goals to share the learning experience. It also includes a much longer manual. And this time, the hands-on experience is the in the presence of a more experienced photoreader, which can be an additional asset if you are into modeling.

The fourth method, and a great compliment to the home study courses, is the book itself. Here, you get the bird’s eye view of the process along with a lot of a textual information on Direct Learning, Syntopic Reading, and more activation methods than the Genius Code itself.


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