The PhotoReading Whole Mind System

(home study course & book)

by Paul Scheele


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Page Five: The Decision

Not to repeat myself incessantly, but please keep in mind that the Photoreading Whole Mind System is a system, and the act of photoreading is only one part of that system. And the system itself is comprised of multiple passes – which in and of itself will improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Regardless of which route you take to learn photoreading, you will learn a great deal. But the goal of the course isn't to learn to photoread. The goal of the course is to give you better tools to handle greater amounts of textual information with ease and elegance. The real goals are what you use photoreading for. And as long as you are clear on that distinction, you will be quite pleased with any of the four routes.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to where you are and where you want to go. If you are interested, ask yourself the following questions:

How much reading do you do? (be honest with yourself – I didn’t ask how much reading you’d like to do)

  • A little – I’d lean more toward the Genius Code and maybe the book
  • A lot – I’d lean more toward the home study course or attend a seminar

What kind of reading do you do?

  • Textbooks - I’d lean more toward the home study course or attend a seminar
  • Regular books - any of the above
  • Primarily magazines, articles – Unless you are reading strings of dozens of articles, it may simply be easier to skip the photoreading step and use the system without it – buy the book

What do you read for?

  • Self-improvement - I’d lean more toward the Genius Code and maybe the book
  • School or work - I’d lean more toward the home study course or attend a seminar
  • Pleasure – read slowly and enjoy

Finally, how much self-discipline do you have?

If you require a trainer to help you get you through the program because of a lack of discipline, then you may benefit from a live seminar more than those who can follow through on a home study course and allow themselves to play with their own experiences until they “get it”.

And for those of you who have the financial means and would like to see the quickest results, I cautiously recommend the seminar. Your success might largely depend on the skills of the teacher/trainer. Some teachers are primarily verbal, so you are no better off than watching the seminar on a DVD (which isn’t yet an option , but should be). Other teachers will train you – meaning they will be able to calibrate where you are and skillfully lead you where you want to go.

I DO NOT have any specific recommendations for photoreading teachers. Therefore, if you pursue this option, you are on your own.

The sweet spot in terms of price and convenience are the home study courses. The book is a valuable reference, but if you are truly ready to be a photoreader, then the home study course might be your best value.

Finally, it is important to manage your time and expectations well. While most people will be well served by incorporating the skill of photoreading into their journey of learning and living, timing is critical. If you don’t have at least four hours a week for the next month AND have a considerable amount of reading material that requires your attention, you should wait until the time is right. Photoreading isn’t going anywhere. You can still learn it next year if that better fits your schedule and needs.

This system is the best I’ve seen for improving your reading skills, but it doesn’t work all by itself. No matter which route you choose, photoreading is going to require practice on your part in order to “get it”. And the skills are best developed with a concentrated effort over a shorter period of time, rather than occasionally dabbling over the course of months.

Don’t short change yourself. When the time is right, give it a serious effort and the rewards will be phenomenal. Successful photoreaders really do have a serious edge on the rest of the world.



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