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The idea is simple. I plan on adding video to my websites -- something unprecedented in this field...and costly. Here is how you can help.

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Second, I'm not asking anyone to buy anything that wouldn't already buy. I'm only asking that if you shop at any of the merchants below, please use the links below (or better yet, those in the Reviews and Recommendations section). I've personally done business with each merchant below and recommend them.

Using these links will not only get you the same pricing and selection you've always gotten, but you'll be supporting and with commissions, thus allowing me to provide more content for free.
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In Association with The original, and still the most impressive online consumer experience. Thousands have come and gone, but this company is still here. Now if they can just master their own supply chain...oh never mind ;-)
Get A Great Mobile Audio Player - FREE! This is, without a doubt, the best deal on the internet if you own an iPod, or if you enjoy books on tape. Get two Audiobooks for $20 every month, or one audiobook and one subscription every month for $15.
Ofoto, A Kodak Company

Owned and operated by Kodak, the print service behind Apple's iPhoto, thhis service is actually cheaper than iPhoto. Turn your digital camera pictures into prints for less money and hassle than ink-jet do-it-yourself prints.

Memory from The easiest and cheapest way to get more speed out of your computer is either adding RAM or getting a broadband connection. These guys help with the former - as for the latter, you are on your own.








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